Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How To Tame an Aggressive Parrot

Allowing your parrot to exhibit aggressive behavior is bad for a number of a different reasons. For starters, it increases the chance of you or a family member being bitten by your parrot. Depending on the size and species, a bite from a parrot can leave behind a nasty wound that's open to infection. But aggression is also a sign that something isn't right with your parrot's currently living environment, and allowing it to remain untreated will likely result in psychological problems later down the road. Thankfully, you can tame even the most aggressive parrot with a little bit of work and patience.

Why Is My Parrot Aggressive?

In order to tame your parrot, you must first identify the cause of their aggression. While there are numerous possible causes, one of the most common is a lack of social interaction. Parrots cooped up in pet shops are oftentimes given very little social interaction with humans; therefore, they develop an instinctual level of aggression as a mechanism for protection. Owners oftentimes assume their parrots will grow out of this stage, but it usually take some training and work to break down this barrier.

Another common cause of aggression is poor stimulation. If you leave your parrot locked up in their cage all day long with no toys, music or other stimuli, they exhibit signs of aggression. When parrots have no way to release their built-up energy, they will lash out in aggression to anyone around the,. All pet parrots should be given a handful of toys to keep them occupied during the day.

Aggression Training Tips:

  • Take your parrot out of their cage for 20-30 minutes each day.

  • Talk to your parrot on a daily basis. Even if it's just a subtle "hello," talking to your parrot will make them feel more secure.

  • Clean your parrot's cage on a regular basis. Some parrots may develop aggression due to a dirty cage.

  • Watch closely for signs of aggression in your parrot. If he or she backs into the corner of their cage, don't force your hands on them.

  • Use slow, gently motions when you pet your parrot.

  • Use a water-filled spray bottle to discipline your parrot for biting.
Following the tips listed above should help you tame your aggressive parrot. Just remember to be persistent with your training efforts and don't give up after the first few days. It may take several weeks or even months before your parrot is fully tamed.

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